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Upcoming events

    • 02/28/2021
    • (EST)
    • Online

    We are planning to update our logo and would like to draw on the considerable talents of our members to come up with a snazzy new logo. Use your talents and creativity to design up to three new logos for our Board to whittle down to a few choices to be voted on by our members.

    Register using this event and upload up to three images in JPG or JPEG format (less than 200x200 pixels, 72 DPI). For some ideas on how to design a logo, click here. There are several free logo design apps available and several are mentioned in the article at the previous link. You can also use Photoshop, Procreate or another similar app, or even just sketch something and take a picture with your phone.

    For ideas on other pastel society logos, visit the IAPS member societies page here

    • 03/12/2021
    • (EST)
    • Art Works Around Town, 2200 Market St., Wheeling, WV 26003

    Your PPAL Exhibits Committee has made arrangements for a show at Artworks Around Town in Wheeling WV April 1 through May 26, 2021. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic there will be no reception.

    You may enter up to three artworks for the entry fee of $25 and also up to six prints as bin art and nine cards or packs of cards. This is a complicated show and it's important that you carefully read the prospectus here.

    In addition, in order to present a professional-looking show, PPAL has implemented exhibit standards that you must read and follow. You can find them here.

    Due to the need to screen your work ahead of time for standards compliance at Gilberti Fine Arts in Coraopolis and the need to transport it to the venue in Wheeling, packaging and labeling is very important. For packaging guidance, click here. The prospectus has printable labels, but for Microsoft Word fill-in-the-blank labels, click here.

    Registration for the show is due online by March 12 and you can pay securely using PayPal even if you do not have a PayPal account or you can pay via mailed check to the address in the prospectus. When registering, you will need to enter information about your three paintings (title, size, price) plus information about your cards (unique piece ID, title/description, price) and bin art (unique piece ID, title, price) so be sure to read the prospectus and have all the information ready before you start registering.

    If you would like to have your work be considered for inclusion in publicity efforts, please email a JPG image (300 dpi) of a work that will be in the show to webmaster@ppal-artists.com by March 2.

    • 04/10/2021
    • 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM (EDT)
    • Online via Zoom

    Members meeting via Zoom. Have recent artwork ready to share. Link coming.

    • 04/15/2021
    • 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM (EDT)
    • via Zoom
    • 17

    "Creativity Untamed: From Sketch to Frame"

    Come watch Tony Allain demo and explain his process along the way. He's insightful and entertaining. Don't miss this opportunity!

    See more of Tony's work at www.tonyallainfineart.com.

    Register to receive the Zoom link through email the day before the demo.

    • 07/10/2021
    • 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM (EDT)
    • Online via Zoom

    Members meeting via Zoom. Have recent artwork ready to share. Link coming.

    • 09/10/2021
    • (EDT)
    • 09/12/2021
    • (EDT)
    • 3 sessions
    • Sweetwater Center for the Arts, 200 Broad St, Sewickley, PA 15143
    • 7

    Come learn from one of the masters, Barbara Jaenicke!

    Barbara's description of the workshop is:

    Once you learn the mechanics of painting the landscape, it’s time to learn how to add the magic…the poetry. We’ll examine the difference between paintings that merely contain elements of the landscape, and those that convey a distinct visual message… and how to gain the skills necessary to accomplish this.

    Specific skills addressed will include composition and editing, value structure, color temperature, and edge control. We’ll also address how to make every stroke count, considering the particulars of how you apply pigment to surface and how the quality of the application will contribute to your painting’s message.

    Each day of the workshop will begin with a demonstration followed by students working on a specific painting exercise for the remainder of the day. Students will receive plenty of individual help from the instructor at the easel during their painting time.

    This workshop is open to all levels, but those with at least some experience using pastels will benefit most.

    Supplies, click here.

    For more information on Barbara, visit her website at www.barbarajaenicke.com.

    Pay securely online by using PayPal (available even without a PayPal account), or send a check for $395 made out to "PPAL" to:

    Rosemary Hogan
    1001 Hastings Park Dr., #219
    Bridgeville PA 15017

    A maximum of 16 attendees will be accepted. Fee does not include hotel reservation or meals.

    • 10/09/2021
    • 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM (EDT)
    • Online via Zoom

    Members meeting via Zoom. Have recent artwork ready to share. Link coming.

Past events

02/02/2021 Board Meeting (Zoom)
01/14/2021 PPAL members Dakota Pastels warehouse tour (via Zoom)
01/09/2021 General Meeting (via Zoom)
01/07/2021 Board Meeting (Zoom)
12/12/2020 PPAL sponsored portrait demo by Christine Swann (via Zoom)
12/01/2020 Board Meeting (Zoom)
11/05/2020 Beechwood Farms Nature Preserve Paint Out
10/28/2020 Board Meeting (Zoom)
10/22/2020 Pittsburgh Botanic Gardens Paint Out
10/10/2020 General Meeting (via Zoom)
09/28/2020 Board Meeting (Zoom)
09/16/2020 McConnells Mill State Park Paint Out
09/02/2020 Board Meeting
08/26/2020 Pittsburgh North Shore Riverwalk Paint Out
08/06/2020 Board Meeting (Zoom)
07/31/2020 Pittsburgh Botanic Gardens Paint Out Rain Date
07/24/2020 Pittsburgh Botanic Gardens Paint Out
07/11/2020 Board Meeting (Zoom)
07/11/2020 General Meeting (potluck)
04/11/2020 CANCELLED - General Meeting (potluck)
01/18/2020 General Meeting (potluck)
12/31/2019 Gilberti Gallery exhibit pick-up
10/18/2019 Gilberti Gallery exhibit reception
09/28/2019 General Meeting and Framing Lesson (potluck) (register by 9/1)
09/28/2019 "Petite Pastels" Exhibition at Gilberti Gallery, Coraopolis
08/09/2019 Marla Baggetta Workshop, Color Confidence
08/08/2019 Marla Baggetta Demo (potluck)
06/10/2019 General meeting
02/23/2019 PPAL Meeting (Potluck)
10/08/2018 General meeting
08/28/2018 Our Own Paint a Portrait Day
07/10/2018 PPAL Meeting (Potluck)
05/12/2018 PPAL Meeting (Potluck)
05/01/2018 Gilberti Gallery exhibit pick-up
04/28/2018 Coraopolis Paint Out
03/16/2018 Gilberti Gallery exhibit reception
03/05/2018 PPAL Exhibition at Gilberti Gallery, Coraopolis
03/01/2018 Gilberti Gallery exhibit drop-off by 3/5
02/25/2018 Gilberti Gallery Exhibit Registration due 3/1
02/24/2018 PPAL Meeting (Potluck)
11/04/2017 Workshop - Introduction to Pan Pastels with Diane Murray
10/02/2017 Christine Ivers Workshop, Night Scenes
07/22/2017 PPAL Meeting (Potluck)
05/21/2017 Artsmiths exhibit pick-up
05/11/2017 Artsmiths exhibit Gallery Talk, "An Evening with Linda Barnicott"
05/07/2017 Artsmiths exhibit Gallery Demo, Christine Swann "Portrait Painting in Pastel"
05/06/2017 Artsmiths exhibit Gallery Demo, Diane Grguras "Pastel Painting in Plein Air"
04/29/2017 Workshop - Color Harmony with Gail Beem
04/24/2017 Artsmiths exhibit class, Gail Beem, "An Exploration in Pastels"
04/22/2017 Artsmiths exhibit Gallery Demo, Diane Murray "Pan Pastels"
04/20/2017 Artsmiths exhibit Gallery Talk, Fran Marze "History of Pastel"
04/15/2017 Artsmiths exhibit pick up work not accepted by 4/15
04/09/2017 Artsmiths exhibit reception
04/09/2017 PPAL Exhibition at Artsmiths, Mt. Lebanon
04/02/2017 Artsmiths exhibit drop-off by 4/2
03/15/2017 Artsmiths Exhibit Final Info Due 3/11
03/11/2017 PPAL Spring Meeting (Potluck)
02/03/2017 Artsmiths Exhibit Registration due 2/1
01/28/2017 PPAL Winter Meeting (Potluck)
11/05/2016 Clothed Figure with Brian McDermott
10/29/2016 PPAL Fall Meeting (Potluck)
08/20/2016 Paint-out at the home of Patty Young (Potluck)
04/23/2016 Composition is King with Christine Swann
04/02/2016 PPAL Spring Meeting
11/07/2015 "Save this Painting"/"FRAME this Painting" Gail Beem and Karen Ferrick Workshop
10/01/2015 Stan Sperlak Workshop
08/25/2015 "Pastel Expressions" - CPPS/PPAL Joint Exhibition Pick-up
08/08/2015 Paint-out at the home of Rex and Barbara Swann (Potluck)
07/01/2015 Monroeville Public Library Exhibit
06/26/2015 Artists' Plein Air Night at the Frick
06/20/2015 Paint-out at the home of Shari Finney (Potluck)
06/15/2015 Monroeville Public Library Exhibit Registration due 6/15
05/30/2015 Paint-out at the Frick grounds
05/16/2015 Abstracts with Gail Beem Workshop
05/01/2015 Upper St. Clair Hospital exhibit Pick Up
05/01/2015 "Pastel Expressions" - CPPS/PPAL Exhibition
04/22/2015 "Pastel Expressions" - CPPS/PPAL Joint Exhibition Drop-off
04/18/2015 PPAL Spring Meeting
03/30/2015 Upper St. Clair Hospital Gallery 1 Exhibit
03/06/2015 Upper St. Clair Hospital exhibit Drop off
11/08/2014 "Clothed Figure Life Drawing Workshop with Brian McDermott"
11/01/2014 Saville Gallery Exhibit Reception
11/01/2014 Frank Sarris Public Library Exhibit
10/30/2014 Saville Gallery Exhibit
09/13/2014 Degas at the Frick Tour
07/22/2014 Degas at the Frick Poll
06/18/2014 Exhibit @ Delanie's Coffee Shop
06/03/2014 The Hoyt Exhibition
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