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                 Pittsburgh Pastel 
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Visitors: If you are interested in purchasing a piece, click on the piece to show the details and then on the artist's name to contact the artist.

Members: Try to keep the image size small (less than 1 MB). Please name your file like this: "Lastname_Firstinitial title.jpg" (or .jpeg, .gif, .png, or .tif), such as "Pini_J Friends.jpg". Once you have uploaded an image, click on the image and then on the Add Caption button to add more information, including: artist’s name, piece title, piece size without frame, price or NFS, any other relevant information.
To delete an image
, select "My photos", then click on the image, then on the trash can icon in the upper right corner of the image.

Photo does not exist
Photo may already have been deleted
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