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Artists League


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Upcoming events

    • 07/25/2024
    • 9:30 AM
    • Zoom

    Board Meeting.

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    • 07/27/2024
    • 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM
    • McMurray Art League, 4069 Washington Rd., McMurray, PA 15317

    For this meeting, we're trying something different. We'll have a group watch and paint along using video from our DVD library. Please register to indicate whether you'll be bringing your pastels and be painting using a table (16 available) or whether you'll attending but won't need a table. (We can accommodate painting while standing as well or you can just attend to watch the video) The public is welcome!

    If you are painting, please bring a drop cloth to protect the carpeting. There are several local restaurants for a take-out lunch or you can bring your lunch (no potluck this time).

    Zoom link:

Past events

06/17/2024 "Rendering Radiance" SAMA Acceptance emails
06/06/2024 Board Meeting (Zoom)
05/24/2024 "Rendering Radiance" SAMA Registration due 5/24
04/25/2024 Board Meeting (Zoom)
04/20/2024 General Meeting (potluck)
04/13/2024 New and Gently Used Art Supplies Sale
03/21/2024 Board Meeting (Zoom)
03/08/2024 Road trip to Butler Museum of American Art
02/29/2024 Board Meeting (Zoom)
01/27/2024 General Meeting (bring your lunch)
01/25/2024 Board Meeting (Zoom)
11/04/2023 General Meeting (potluck)
10/25/2023 Loriann Signori Workshop "From the Marvelous to the Mundane"
10/12/2023 Board Meeting (Zoom)
07/15/2023 General Meeting (potluck)
06/05/2023 Pure Color 2023 Demos, North Hills Arts Center
06/03/2023 Pure Color 2023 Reception, North Hills Arts Center
05/27/2023 Exhibit, North Hills Arts Center
04/28/2023 Road trip to Cleveland Museum of Art and Butler Museum of American Art
04/23/2023 Lyn Asselta Workshop "The 'Why' of Painting" (via Zoom) - Register by 4/15
04/15/2023 General Meeting, Speaker photographer/printer Alex Patho
03/16/2023 Board Meeting (Zoom)
01/21/2023 General Meeting (no potluck)
01/19/2023 Board Meeting (Zoom)
11/05/2022 General Meeting (potluck)
10/28/2022 Board Meeting (Zoom)
10/24/2022 Field Trip to The Ruins Project plus Paint Out
09/17/2022 Fran Marze Retrospective
09/06/2022 Board Meeting (Zoom)
08/09/2022 Board Meeting (Zoom)
07/16/2022 General Meeting (potluck)
06/29/2022 Board Meeting
06/01/2022 Road Trip to Rochester Art Supply
05/05/2022 Board Meeting (Zoom)
04/09/2022 "Pure Color" pick-up
04/09/2022 General Meeting (bring your own lunch)
03/19/2022 "Pure Color" Reception, North Hills Arts Center
03/17/2022 Board Meeting (Zoom)
03/12/2022 "Pure Color" Exhibit, North Hills Arts Center
03/10/2022 "Pure Color" drop-off
03/05/2022 Paint In at Gilberti Fine Arts
02/26/2022 "Pure Color" NHAC Registration due 2/26
02/15/2022 Board Meeting (Zoom)
01/08/2022 General Meeting (potluck)
01/06/2022 Board Meeting (Zoom)
12/17/2021 Exhibits NHAC Prospectus Meeting (Zoom)
12/14/2021 Board Meeting (Zoom)
11/05/2021 Board Meeting (Zoom)
10/27/2021 Paint Out at Pittsburgh Botanic Garden
10/16/2021 PPAL "Pure Brilliance" Reception
09/27/2021 PPAL "Pure Brilliance" Exhibit
09/18/2021 General Meeting (potluck)
09/14/2021 Paint Out at St. Paul of the Cross Monastery
09/14/2021 Weirton Juried Exhibit Registration (extended to 9/14)
09/10/2021 Barbara Jaenicke "Meet and Greet"
09/10/2021 Barbara Jaenicke Workshop, Painting the Poetic Landscape
09/07/2021 Board Meeting (Zoom)
08/19/2021 Paint Out at Phipps Conservatory grounds
08/05/2021 Board Meeting (Zoom)
07/22/2021 Paint Out at Washington's Landing (Herr's Island)
07/10/2021 General Meeting (via Zoom)
07/06/2021 Board Meeting (Zoom)
06/29/2021 Paint Out at the Frick grounds
06/10/2021 Depreciation Lands Museum Paint Out
06/08/2021 Exhibits Committee Meeting (Zoom)
06/02/2021 Board Meeting (Zoom)
05/05/2021 Board Meeting (Zoom)
04/29/2021 Pittsburgh Botanic Gardens Paint Out
04/15/2021 Tony Allain workshop (via Zoom)
04/10/2021 General Meeting (via Zoom)
04/09/2021 PPAL "Pure Pastel" Wheeling Reception
04/06/2021 Board Meeting (Zoom)
04/01/2021 PPAL "Pure Pastel" Wheeling Exhibit
03/12/2021 Wheeling Exhibit Registration (due March 12)
03/09/2021 Board Meeting (Zoom)
02/28/2021 Logo Contest Submission (due 2/28/2021)
02/02/2021 Board Meeting (Zoom)
01/14/2021 PPAL members Dakota Pastels warehouse tour (via Zoom)
01/09/2021 General Meeting (via Zoom)
01/07/2021 Board Meeting (Zoom)
12/12/2020 PPAL sponsored portrait demo by Christine Swann (via Zoom)
12/01/2020 Board Meeting (Zoom)
11/05/2020 Beechwood Farms Nature Preserve Paint Out
10/28/2020 Board Meeting (Zoom)
10/22/2020 Pittsburgh Botanic Gardens Paint Out
10/10/2020 General Meeting (via Zoom)
09/28/2020 Board Meeting (Zoom)
09/16/2020 McConnells Mill State Park Paint Out
09/02/2020 Board Meeting
08/26/2020 Pittsburgh North Shore Riverwalk Paint Out
08/06/2020 Board Meeting (Zoom)
07/31/2020 Pittsburgh Botanic Gardens Paint Out Rain Date
07/24/2020 Pittsburgh Botanic Gardens Paint Out
07/11/2020 Board Meeting (Zoom)
07/11/2020 General Meeting (potluck)
04/11/2020 CANCELLED - General Meeting (potluck)
01/18/2020 General Meeting (potluck)
12/31/2019 Gilberti Gallery exhibit pick-up
10/18/2019 Gilberti Gallery exhibit reception
09/28/2019 General Meeting and Framing Lesson (potluck) (register by 9/1)
09/28/2019 "Petite Pastels" Exhibition at Gilberti Gallery, Coraopolis
08/09/2019 Marla Baggetta Workshop, Color Confidence
08/08/2019 Marla Baggetta Demo (potluck)
06/10/2019 General meeting
02/23/2019 PPAL Meeting (Potluck)
10/08/2018 General meeting
08/28/2018 Our Own Paint a Portrait Day
07/10/2018 PPAL Meeting (Potluck)
05/12/2018 PPAL Meeting (Potluck)
05/01/2018 Gilberti Gallery exhibit pick-up
04/28/2018 Coraopolis Paint Out
03/16/2018 Gilberti Gallery exhibit reception
03/05/2018 PPAL Exhibition at Gilberti Gallery, Coraopolis
03/01/2018 Gilberti Gallery exhibit drop-off by 3/5
02/25/2018 Gilberti Gallery Exhibit Registration due 3/1
02/24/2018 PPAL Meeting (Potluck)
11/04/2017 Workshop - Introduction to Pan Pastels with Diane Murray
10/02/2017 Christine Ivers Workshop, Night Scenes
07/22/2017 PPAL Meeting (Potluck)
05/21/2017 Artsmiths exhibit pick-up
05/11/2017 Artsmiths exhibit Gallery Talk, "An Evening with Linda Barnicott"
05/07/2017 Artsmiths exhibit Gallery Demo, Christine Swann "Portrait Painting in Pastel"
05/06/2017 Artsmiths exhibit Gallery Demo, Diane Grguras "Pastel Painting in Plein Air"
04/29/2017 Workshop - Color Harmony with Gail Beem
04/24/2017 Artsmiths exhibit class, Gail Beem, "An Exploration in Pastels"
04/22/2017 Artsmiths exhibit Gallery Demo, Diane Murray "Pan Pastels"
04/20/2017 Artsmiths exhibit Gallery Talk, Fran Marze "History of Pastel"
04/15/2017 Artsmiths exhibit pick up work not accepted by 4/15
04/09/2017 Artsmiths exhibit reception
04/09/2017 PPAL Exhibition at Artsmiths, Mt. Lebanon
04/02/2017 Artsmiths exhibit drop-off by 4/2
03/15/2017 Artsmiths Exhibit Final Info Due 3/11
03/11/2017 PPAL Spring Meeting (Potluck)
02/03/2017 Artsmiths Exhibit Registration due 2/1
01/28/2017 PPAL Winter Meeting (Potluck)
11/05/2016 Clothed Figure with Brian McDermott
10/29/2016 PPAL Fall Meeting (Potluck)
08/20/2016 Paint-out at the home of Patty Young (Potluck)
04/23/2016 Composition is King with Christine Swann
04/02/2016 PPAL Spring Meeting
11/07/2015 "Save this Painting"/"FRAME this Painting" Gail Beem and Karen Ferrick Workshop
10/01/2015 Stan Sperlak Workshop
08/25/2015 "Pastel Expressions" - CPPS/PPAL Joint Exhibition Pick-up
08/08/2015 Paint-out at the home of Rex and Barbara Swann (Potluck)
07/01/2015 Monroeville Public Library Exhibit
06/26/2015 Artists' Plein Air Night at the Frick
06/20/2015 Paint-out at the home of Shari Finney (Potluck)
06/15/2015 Monroeville Public Library Exhibit Registration due 6/15
05/30/2015 Paint-out at the Frick grounds
05/16/2015 Abstracts with Gail Beem Workshop
05/01/2015 Upper St. Clair Hospital exhibit Pick Up
05/01/2015 "Pastel Expressions" - CPPS/PPAL Exhibition
04/22/2015 "Pastel Expressions" - CPPS/PPAL Joint Exhibition Drop-off
04/18/2015 PPAL Spring Meeting
03/30/2015 Upper St. Clair Hospital Gallery 1 Exhibit
03/06/2015 Upper St. Clair Hospital exhibit Drop off
11/08/2014 "Clothed Figure Life Drawing Workshop with Brian McDermott"
11/01/2014 Saville Gallery Exhibit Reception
11/01/2014 Frank Sarris Public Library Exhibit
10/30/2014 Saville Gallery Exhibit
09/13/2014 Degas at the Frick Tour
07/22/2014 Degas at the Frick Poll
06/18/2014 Exhibit @ Delanie's Coffee Shop
06/03/2014 The Hoyt Exhibition
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