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Upcoming events

    • 09/28/2019
    • 10:00 AM
    • 10/31/2019
    • 4:00 PM
    • Gilberti Gallery, 1030 Fifth Ave., Coraopolis, PA 15108

    A miniatures exhibit of the pastel work of the members of the Pittsburgh Pastel Artists League. Reception October 18 6-8.

    Open Monday-Friday 10-4.

    • 09/28/2019
    • 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM
    • Gilberti Gallery, 1030 5th Ave., Coraopolis, 15108

    Members meeting. Bring a potluck dish to share for lunch. Please register by 9/1 and indicate whether you will participate in framing (by using the correct registration type) so we know how many to buy.

    Join us as Cindy Gilberti teaches us how to frame a 6"x6" painting. Bring a finished 6"x6" painting on firm mounted board/gator board (not loose paper) and $25 for the complete kit of a black composite plein air frame to hold a 6x6 painting, pastel spacer, glass, back dust cover, and hanging hardware. You and easily cut a larger gator board mounted paper into smaller pieces. If you wish to order additional 6"x6" framing supplies, please let Cindy (gilbertifineart@gmail.com) know prior to September 1. 

    You can leave your framed painting for a miniatures show "Petite Pastels" ending 11/1 for a $5 cash fee.  All paintings will be sold for the same price ($125, first come, first served) and Gilberti Gallery will take no commission as PPAL is paying an upfront fee. First, second and third place ribbons will be awarded as well as People's Choice.

    Reception 10/18 6-8. Pick up unsold work 10-4 on 10/31. Please coordinate with Cindy Gilberti (gilbertifineart@gmail.com) if you need to schedule an alternate pick up date.

    • 10/18/2019
    • 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
    • Gilberti Gallery, 1030 Fifth Ave., Coraopolis, PA 15108
    Opening reception. Exhibiting artists are asked to bring light appetizers.
    • 10/31/2019
    • 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
    • Gilberti Gallery, 1030 Fifth Ave., Coraopolis, PA 15108
    Exhibiting artists pick up work during gallery hours, 10:00-4:00.

Past events

08/09/2019 Marla Baggetta Workshop, Color Confidence
08/08/2019 Marla Baggetta Demo (potluck)
06/10/2019 General meeting
02/23/2019 PPAL Meeting (Potluck)
10/08/2018 General meeting
08/28/2018 Our Own Paint a Portrait Day
07/10/2018 PPAL Meeting (Potluck)
05/12/2018 PPAL Meeting (Potluck)
05/01/2018 Gilberti Gallery exhibit pick-up
04/28/2018 Coraopolis Paint Out
03/16/2018 Gilberti Gallery exhibit reception
03/05/2018 PPAL Exhibition at Gilberti Gallery, Coraopolis
03/01/2018 Gilberti Gallery exhibit drop-off by 3/5
02/25/2018 Gilberti Gallery Exhibit Registration due 3/1
02/24/2018 PPAL Meeting (Potluck)
11/04/2017 Workshop - Introduction to Pan Pastels with Diane Murray
10/02/2017 Christine Ivers Workshop, Night Scenes
07/22/2017 PPAL Meeting (Potluck)
05/21/2017 Artsmiths exhibit pick-up
05/11/2017 Artsmiths exhibit Gallery Talk, "An Evening with Linda Barnicott"
05/07/2017 Artsmiths exhibit Gallery Demo, Christine Swann "Portrait Painting in Pastel"
05/06/2017 Artsmiths exhibit Gallery Demo, Diane Grguras "Pastel Painting in Plein Air"
04/29/2017 Workshop - Color Harmony with Gail Beem
04/24/2017 Artsmiths exhibit class, Gail Beem, "An Exploration in Pastels"
04/22/2017 Artsmiths exhibit Gallery Demo, Diane Murray "Pan Pastels"
04/20/2017 Artsmiths exhibit Gallery Talk, Fran Marze "History of Pastel"
04/15/2017 Artsmiths exhibit pick up work not accepted by 4/15
04/09/2017 Artsmiths exhibit reception
04/09/2017 PPAL Exhibition at Artsmiths, Mt. Lebanon
04/02/2017 Artsmiths exhibit drop-off by 4/2
03/15/2017 Artsmiths Exhibit Final Info Due 3/11
03/11/2017 PPAL Spring Meeting (Potluck)
02/03/2017 Artsmiths Exhibit Registration due 2/1
01/28/2017 PPAL Winter Meeting (Potluck)
11/05/2016 Clothed Figure with Brian McDermott
10/29/2016 PPAL Fall Meeting (Potluck)
08/20/2016 Paint-out at the home of Patty Young (Potluck)
04/23/2016 Composition is King with Christine Swann
04/02/2016 PPAL Spring Meeting
11/07/2015 "Save this Painting"/"FRAME this Painting" Gail Beem and Karen Ferrick Workshop
10/01/2015 Stan Sperlak Workshop
08/25/2015 "Pastel Expressions" - CPPS/PPAL Joint Exhibition Pick-up
08/08/2015 Paint-out at the home of Rex and Barbara Swann (Potluck)
07/01/2015 Monroeville Public Library Exhibit
06/26/2015 Artists' Plein Air Night at the Frick
06/20/2015 Paint-out at the home of Shari Finney (Potluck)
06/15/2015 Monroeville Public Library Exhibit Registration due 6/15
05/30/2015 Paint-out at the Frick grounds
05/16/2015 Abstracts with Gail Beem Workshop
05/01/2015 Upper St. Clair Hospital exhibit Pick Up
05/01/2015 "Pastel Expressions" - CPPS/PPAL Exhibition
04/22/2015 "Pastel Expressions" - CPPS/PPAL Joint Exhibition Drop-off
04/18/2015 PPAL Spring Meeting
03/30/2015 Upper St. Clair Hospital Gallery 1 Exhibit
03/06/2015 Upper St. Clair Hospital exhibit Drop off
11/08/2014 "Clothed Figure Life Drawing Workshop with Brian McDermott"
11/01/2014 Saville Gallery Exhibit Reception
11/01/2014 Frank Sarris Public Library Exhibit
10/30/2014 Saville Gallery Exhibit
09/13/2014 Degas at the Frick Tour
07/22/2014 Degas at the Frick Poll
06/18/2014 Exhibit @ Delanie's Coffee Shop
06/03/2014 The Hoyt Exhibition
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