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Artists League


For information on workshops, click here.

Upcoming events

    • 04/15/2023
    • 11:30 AM - 1:30 PM
    • Shaler North Hills Library, 1822 Mt. Royal Blvd., Glenshaw, PA 15116

    Members meeting location at the Shaler Library. We have asked Alex Patho to be our speaker.  Alex is the owner of Alex Patho Photography. In addition to gorgeous photography, he does truly excellent giclee printing. If you've ever thought about having prints, cards, etc., made of your work come and hear Alex speak on April 15.

    Please register online. Thanks!

    We'll also be on Zoom for the business part of the meeting. Here is the link:

    • 04/23/2023
    • 04/26/2023
    • 3 sessions
    • via Zoom
    • 2

    2-day Virtual Pastel Workshop with Lyn Asselta, IAPS-EP, PSA-MP. (Zoom link coming.) Register by 4/15 as Lyn will be mailing a packet to each student ahead of time.

    Supplies: Asselta_Lyn 2023 Virtual Workshop Supplies.pdf


    To know “how” to create a painting, it’s important to know “why” you want to make that painting. Most of your painting process can be determined by answering that simple question.  

    This 2-day virtual workshop will explore the ways your intent can help guide you through everything from composition to color palette choices to allow your unique voice to come through. 

    This workshop will consist of demos, group discussions, and painting time daily, with an additional, mandatory “casual critique” on the first evening. Lyn will mail a packet of materials to each student prior to the workshop.

    There will be a short evening session on April 23, time 7-9 PM, to introduce attendees to the Padlet app for collaborations which will be used to submit works for review during the workshop. Padlet is available for IOS (Apple iPhone, iPad), Android (other phones and tablets), and Kindle devices for free (with upgrade options). 

    Artist’s Statement: 

    How can I explain to you what it feels like to stand in a forest and imagine that silence is a living thing, breathing between the leaves and sunlight? How can I explain the way sea foam skitters and catches amongst slippery, wet rocks at the ocean’s edge during a winter storm? Words aren’t always adequate, so I feel compelled to paint those feelings. The challenge of painting what I feel is what continues to interest me most. 

    • 05/10/2023
    • North Hills Art Center, 3432 Babcock Blvd., Pittsburgh, PA 15237

    Your PPAL Exhibits Committee has made arrangements for a juried members show at the North Hills Art Center from May 27 through June 16, 2023. There will be a reception and awards presentation Saturday, June 3, 5:00-7:00.

    Judging for awards will be done at the venue by the juror, Ron Donoughe. (

    You may enter up to three artworks for the entry fee of $35. It's important that you carefully read the prospectus here.

    In addition, in order to present a professional-looking show, PPAL has implemented exhibit standards that you must read and follow. You can find them here. Your work will be screened at drop-off for Standards compliance.

    To download printable labels to be filled in by hand, click here. To download Microsoft Word fill-in-the-blank labels, click here.

    Registration for the show is due online by May 10 and you can pay securely using PayPal even if you do not have a PayPal account or you can pay via mailed check to the address in the prospectus. When registering, you will need to enter information about your three paintings (title, size, price) so be sure to read the prospectus and have all the information ready before you start registering.

    • 05/27/2023
    • 06/16/2023
    • North Hills Arts Center, 3432 Babcock Blvd., Pittsburgh, PA 15237

    Come see original pastel paintings done by local artists! Pastels are pure pigment held together with a minimum amount of binder so pastel paintings have a certain luminosity not achievable in other art mediums.

    Open during North Hills Arts Center hours, Monday-Friday 10-3. 

    • 10/25/2023
    • 10/28/2023
    • 4 sessions
    • Gilberti Gallery, 1030 5th Ave, Coraopolis, PA 15108
    • 15

    Registration coming soon.

    A non-refundable deposit of half your fee is due at registration, either via PayPal or by check, with the non-refundable balance due by 9/13.

    This fun, the eye-opening workshop will ignite new ways of thinking in your practice. Think about it, the painting process is like a huge club sandwich. Therefore, our job, as artists, is to dismantle the sandwich. Each part of the sandwich is either a response or an analytical layer. By keeping these layers separate you can find joy and freedom in your painting. This workshop is a combination of demonstrations, exercises, individual attention, and group discussion. This workshop will expand the way you look at and interpret the landscape. Rather than just painting the scene, open the door to responding to the painting. Poetry is a painting that is felt rather than seen.

Past events

03/16/2023 Board Meeting (Zoom)
01/21/2023 General Meeting (no potluck)
01/19/2023 Board Meeting (Zoom)
11/05/2022 General Meeting (potluck)
10/28/2022 Board Meeting (Zoom)
10/24/2022 Field Trip to The Ruins Project plus Paint Out
09/17/2022 Fran Marze Retrospective
09/06/2022 Board Meeting (Zoom)
08/09/2022 Board Meeting (Zoom)
07/16/2022 General Meeting (potluck)
06/29/2022 Board Meeting
06/01/2022 Road Trip to Rochester Art Supply
05/05/2022 Board Meeting (Zoom)
04/09/2022 "Pure Color" pick-up
04/09/2022 General Meeting (bring your own lunch)
03/19/2022 "Pure Color" Reception, North Hills Arts Center
03/17/2022 Board Meeting (Zoom)
03/12/2022 "Pure Color" Exhibit, North Hills Arts Center
03/10/2022 "Pure Color" drop-off
03/05/2022 Paint In at Gilberti Fine Arts
02/26/2022 "Pure Color" NHAC Registration due 2/26
02/15/2022 Board Meeting (Zoom)
01/08/2022 General Meeting (potluck)
01/06/2022 Board Meeting (Zoom)
12/17/2021 Exhibits NHAC Prospectus Meeting (Zoom)
12/14/2021 Board Meeting (Zoom)
11/05/2021 Board Meeting (Zoom)
10/27/2021 Paint Out at Pittsburgh Botanic Garden
10/16/2021 PPAL "Pure Brilliance" Reception
09/27/2021 PPAL "Pure Brilliance" Exhibit
09/18/2021 General Meeting (potluck)
09/14/2021 Paint Out at St. Paul of the Cross Monastery
09/14/2021 Weirton Juried Exhibit Registration (extended to 9/14)
09/10/2021 Barbara Jaenicke "Meet and Greet"
09/10/2021 Barbara Jaenicke Workshop, Painting the Poetic Landscape
09/07/2021 Board Meeting (Zoom)
08/19/2021 Paint Out at Phipps Conservatory grounds
08/05/2021 Board Meeting (Zoom)
07/22/2021 Paint Out at Washington's Landing (Herr's Island)
07/10/2021 General Meeting (via Zoom)
07/06/2021 Board Meeting (Zoom)
06/29/2021 Paint Out at the Frick grounds
06/10/2021 Depreciation Lands Museum Paint Out
06/08/2021 Exhibits Committee Meeting (Zoom)
06/02/2021 Board Meeting (Zoom)
05/05/2021 Board Meeting (Zoom)
04/29/2021 Pittsburgh Botanic Gardens Paint Out
04/15/2021 Tony Allain workshop (via Zoom)
04/10/2021 General Meeting (via Zoom)
04/09/2021 PPAL "Pure Pastel" Wheeling Reception
04/06/2021 Board Meeting (Zoom)
04/01/2021 PPAL "Pure Pastel" Wheeling Exhibit
03/12/2021 Wheeling Exhibit Registration (due March 12)
03/09/2021 Board Meeting (Zoom)
02/28/2021 Logo Contest Submission (due 2/28/2021)
02/02/2021 Board Meeting (Zoom)
01/14/2021 PPAL members Dakota Pastels warehouse tour (via Zoom)
01/09/2021 General Meeting (via Zoom)
01/07/2021 Board Meeting (Zoom)
12/12/2020 PPAL sponsored portrait demo by Christine Swann (via Zoom)
12/01/2020 Board Meeting (Zoom)
11/05/2020 Beechwood Farms Nature Preserve Paint Out
10/28/2020 Board Meeting (Zoom)
10/22/2020 Pittsburgh Botanic Gardens Paint Out
10/10/2020 General Meeting (via Zoom)
09/28/2020 Board Meeting (Zoom)
09/16/2020 McConnells Mill State Park Paint Out
09/02/2020 Board Meeting
08/26/2020 Pittsburgh North Shore Riverwalk Paint Out
08/06/2020 Board Meeting (Zoom)
07/31/2020 Pittsburgh Botanic Gardens Paint Out Rain Date
07/24/2020 Pittsburgh Botanic Gardens Paint Out
07/11/2020 Board Meeting (Zoom)
07/11/2020 General Meeting (potluck)
04/11/2020 CANCELLED - General Meeting (potluck)
01/18/2020 General Meeting (potluck)
12/31/2019 Gilberti Gallery exhibit pick-up
10/18/2019 Gilberti Gallery exhibit reception
09/28/2019 General Meeting and Framing Lesson (potluck) (register by 9/1)
09/28/2019 "Petite Pastels" Exhibition at Gilberti Gallery, Coraopolis
08/09/2019 Marla Baggetta Workshop, Color Confidence
08/08/2019 Marla Baggetta Demo (potluck)
06/10/2019 General meeting
02/23/2019 PPAL Meeting (Potluck)
10/08/2018 General meeting
08/28/2018 Our Own Paint a Portrait Day
07/10/2018 PPAL Meeting (Potluck)
05/12/2018 PPAL Meeting (Potluck)
05/01/2018 Gilberti Gallery exhibit pick-up
04/28/2018 Coraopolis Paint Out
03/16/2018 Gilberti Gallery exhibit reception
03/05/2018 PPAL Exhibition at Gilberti Gallery, Coraopolis
03/01/2018 Gilberti Gallery exhibit drop-off by 3/5
02/25/2018 Gilberti Gallery Exhibit Registration due 3/1
02/24/2018 PPAL Meeting (Potluck)
11/04/2017 Workshop - Introduction to Pan Pastels with Diane Murray
10/02/2017 Christine Ivers Workshop, Night Scenes
07/22/2017 PPAL Meeting (Potluck)
05/21/2017 Artsmiths exhibit pick-up
05/11/2017 Artsmiths exhibit Gallery Talk, "An Evening with Linda Barnicott"
05/07/2017 Artsmiths exhibit Gallery Demo, Christine Swann "Portrait Painting in Pastel"
05/06/2017 Artsmiths exhibit Gallery Demo, Diane Grguras "Pastel Painting in Plein Air"
04/29/2017 Workshop - Color Harmony with Gail Beem
04/24/2017 Artsmiths exhibit class, Gail Beem, "An Exploration in Pastels"
04/22/2017 Artsmiths exhibit Gallery Demo, Diane Murray "Pan Pastels"
04/20/2017 Artsmiths exhibit Gallery Talk, Fran Marze "History of Pastel"
04/15/2017 Artsmiths exhibit pick up work not accepted by 4/15
04/09/2017 Artsmiths exhibit reception
04/09/2017 PPAL Exhibition at Artsmiths, Mt. Lebanon
04/02/2017 Artsmiths exhibit drop-off by 4/2
03/15/2017 Artsmiths Exhibit Final Info Due 3/11
03/11/2017 PPAL Spring Meeting (Potluck)
02/03/2017 Artsmiths Exhibit Registration due 2/1
01/28/2017 PPAL Winter Meeting (Potluck)
11/05/2016 Clothed Figure with Brian McDermott
10/29/2016 PPAL Fall Meeting (Potluck)
08/20/2016 Paint-out at the home of Patty Young (Potluck)
04/23/2016 Composition is King with Christine Swann
04/02/2016 PPAL Spring Meeting
11/07/2015 "Save this Painting"/"FRAME this Painting" Gail Beem and Karen Ferrick Workshop
10/01/2015 Stan Sperlak Workshop
08/25/2015 "Pastel Expressions" - CPPS/PPAL Joint Exhibition Pick-up
08/08/2015 Paint-out at the home of Rex and Barbara Swann (Potluck)
07/01/2015 Monroeville Public Library Exhibit
06/26/2015 Artists' Plein Air Night at the Frick
06/20/2015 Paint-out at the home of Shari Finney (Potluck)
06/15/2015 Monroeville Public Library Exhibit Registration due 6/15
05/30/2015 Paint-out at the Frick grounds
05/16/2015 Abstracts with Gail Beem Workshop
05/01/2015 Upper St. Clair Hospital exhibit Pick Up
05/01/2015 "Pastel Expressions" - CPPS/PPAL Exhibition
04/22/2015 "Pastel Expressions" - CPPS/PPAL Joint Exhibition Drop-off
04/18/2015 PPAL Spring Meeting
03/30/2015 Upper St. Clair Hospital Gallery 1 Exhibit
03/06/2015 Upper St. Clair Hospital exhibit Drop off
11/08/2014 "Clothed Figure Life Drawing Workshop with Brian McDermott"
11/01/2014 Saville Gallery Exhibit Reception
11/01/2014 Frank Sarris Public Library Exhibit
10/30/2014 Saville Gallery Exhibit
09/13/2014 Degas at the Frick Tour
07/22/2014 Degas at the Frick Poll
06/18/2014 Exhibit @ Delanie's Coffee Shop
06/03/2014 The Hoyt Exhibition
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