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93 photo(s) Updated on: 08/25/2023
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  • Rubber meets the Road
  • Make it Snappy
  • "Oasis of Beauty at Phipps" by Linda Barnicott
  • "Love of Trains" by Linda Barnicott
  • "As I Wander" by Linda Barnicott
  • "Meadow Foxes" Living in and around farm country we often see mama foxes and young near their dens.
  • "Great Blue Heron" one fabulous bird
  • One of my favorite subjects, "Wolf" reference from Wolf Sanctuary, Litiz, Pa
  • Title..Ligonier Days...done "en Plein aire"
  • Title is: Phipps and Pitt (Phipps Conservatory and University of Pittsburgh) It was done "plein aire"
  • Setting Sun
  • This was a book cover I designed and also did some artwork for inside the book.
  • Drama in the Sky
  • Francesca
  • John
  • "Betty" Elizabeth
  • Jan Pini "Would You Like to Swing?"
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