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  • Artsmiths Exhibit Final Info Due 3/11

Artsmiths Exhibit Final Info Due 3/11

  • 03/15/2017
  • 1635 McFarland Road Pittsburgh, PA 15216


  • Previously registered and paid exhibitors only.

Registration is closed
Exhibit of Pittsburgh Pastel Artists League members' work at Artsmiths' gallery space at 1635 McFarland Road Pittsburgh, PA 15216. There will be one Best of Show award for $150, five Merit awards at $100 each.

Previously paid exhibiting artists must register their final piece information by March 11. Questions? Call Nan Hought (412-613-3853) or Christine Swann (724-719-2229).

Final piece information:

Make sure your contact information is current and correct.
Please register up to two pieces, in your preferred order of acceptance should space become an issue. We had a great turnout and can only handle one or possibly two pieces per artist. Note that the gallery takes 30% commission and handles sales tax. All work must be for sale. Sold work must stay until the end of the show.

Important: Per our contract, Artsmiths has the right to reject any piece that doesn't meet its high quality standards.

Framing guidelines:

  • Professional-quality framing only. 
  • No plastic or poster frames, only good quality wood or metal frames.
  • Mattes are not required, however, if used, mattes must be clean and well proportioned to the painting (3" is a good guideline).
  • Wired for hanging only (no saw-toothed hangers). 
  • Improperly framed pieces may be rejected at the drop-off.
  • No size restrictions, although if your pieces are large, there may not be room for them all. List your pieces in the order you would like them accepted.
  • Include a tag with the following information on the back of each piece (another at end):
    • Artist's name _____________________________________
    • Phone(s) ________________________________________
    • Address _________________________________________
    • Title ____________________________________________
    • Medium _________________________________________
    • Framed size ______________________________________
    • Price ___________________________________________

Pick-up work:

Unsold work must be picked up on Sunday May 21 1:00-5:00 or a $30/day/painting fee will be charged by Artsmiths. Any work left after a week will be considered abandoned and owned by Artsmiths.

Notecards and prints:

If you would like to sell notecards or prints, Artsmiths with take 50% commission of the price you indicate. You may have up to 30 notecards (with envelopes) and 20 prints (8x10 or 11x14 preferred, no larger, backed by cardboard) displayed for the show's duration. Please provide an inventory sheet (click here for a form to use or here to download a fill-in form in Word format). Enclose your notecards and prints in acetate sleeves and label with the following information:

  • Unique piece ID (recommend your initials and a number, such as JCP1, JCP2, etc.)
  • Artist's name
  • Title
  • Price (include commission)
  • "PPAL Exhibit"

Important note regarding follow-on sales:

Note: Per our contract, if you sell a show piece within two months of the end of the show (until July 19) because the buyer saw your piece at Artsmiths, you will owe Artsmiths 15% commission. For a period of two months after the show (until July 19), any commissions resulting from a buyer being introduced to your work at the Artsmiths show are subject to a 10% commission to Artsmiths. This is an ethical issue and on the honor system but is taken very seriously by galleries and can result in the artist being blacklisted if violated. 


Advertising posters and postcards will be available at the PPAL spring meeting March 11, 11:00-2:00, at Carol Donnelly's apartment's social room at 200 White Hampton Lane, Pittsburgh, PA 15236. Register for the meeting by clicking here.

Want your fifteen minutes of fame? Artsmiths will send a press release to your local newspaper! Email the following information to (be aware of publishing deadlines for your papers):

  • Subject line of email: PPAL Exhibit Attn: Kate Wagle Hitmar
  • Name of community newspaper
  • Artist's name
  • Community you live in
  • If available, photo of artwork and artist
  • Quote by artist about your piece, work, PPAL, medium, etc.

Important dates:

Drop-off: by Sunday, April 2 during Artsmiths' hours
Hanging: After drop-off
Pickup work that wouldn't fit: by Sunday, April 15
Reception: Sunday April 9, 2:00-5:00. Exhibitors are asked to bring Prosecco, red or white wine.
Take down and pickup of unsold work: Sunday May 21, 1:00-5:00

Another tag:

Artist's name _____________________________________
Phone(s) ________________________________________
Address _________________________________________
Title ____________________________________________
Medium _________________________________________
Framed size ______________________________________
Price ___________________________________________

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